2012 Mission

The Eye Health Institute’s 2012 Mission

The year 2012 was very productive for the Eye Health Institute. It was the inaugural year for the Glaucoma Screening Project in addition to our regular clinics and surgeries. We were fortunate enough to receive grants from The American Friends of Jamaica and The Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation that allowed us to purchase a GDx Diagnostic Unit, a surgical microscope and surgical table.

We were asked by the Ministry of Health to develop an eye care protocol and referral system for the 19 regional Public Health Clinics in Hanover Parish. In April we led a seminar at the Lucea Hospital with the local doctors and nurses of the Jamaican Public Health System to refresh their knowledge of eye diseases & care and the proper acuities screening techniques and gave them each a set of eye charts to screen their patients.

In November 2012 The Eye Health Institute volunteers examined approximately 516 patients at Duncans, Grange, Burnt Savannah, and Lucea. 180 patients were tested with the GDx Glaucoma Diagnostic Unit to identify those in need of treatment. In addition to the exams performed at the November clinics, we produced and dispensed 65 pairs of prescription eyeglasses and gave away hundreds of OTC readers and sunglasses. The surgical team installed the new microscope at the Lucea Hospital. Between Cornwall Regional Hospital and Noel Holmes hospital in Lucea, our surgeons performed a total of 5 cataract and 5 corneal transplant surgeries.

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